10 Signs You’re Dating a Psycho

From Men’s Fitness:

You’ve finally found the girl of your dreams. She’s smart, sexy, and simply perfect in every way. The only problem is that you’re still dreaming and not noticing all of the red flags she’s constantly waving in front of your face. Eventually, you will realize that you haven’t been dating the woman you want to start a life with, but rather a real-life Gone Girl. Before you reach that point and your life ends up in shambles, beware of these ten signs that you’re dating a secret

1. You Know Something Is Wrong From The Start

You have to pay attention to the early “Buyer Beware” signs and trust your instincts, according to Brenda A. Lewis, LCSW, psychotherapist, and author of The ABCs of Dating: A Guide to Love and Dating for the Openhearted. “I often hear a year later that all of the signs and red flags were there from the first contact and date,” Lewis says. “You know when something is strange or off. You have to think, ‘If this was my sister or a friend how would I react?’” Lewis says it takes three to five months to really get to know someone, but you can’t ignore early warning signs.

2. You’re All She Has

When you’re the only bright spot in a person’s life, as special as you may think you are, it’s not a good sign, according to Steve Nakamoto, Writer’s Digest Award-Winning Relationship Author of Men Are Like Fish: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Catching A Man. “There is a reason why a woman doesn’t have any friends or family,” Nakamoto says. “She hasn’t treated people well in her life or else there is something very unattractive about her as a person. This would make a woman like this want to cling on to any new romantic relationship too quickly and too strongly.”

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