Couples Love: Move Over G-Spot!

The G-spot has been a sought-after erogenous zone for couples everywhere since it’s discovery by Dr. Ernst Grafenberg in the 1940’s.  The wonderful G-spot is an erogenous zone located 2 to 3 inches inside of the woman’s vagina along the front wall. To find it, the woman must be aroused which allows the g-spot to swell and “come out of hiding.” When properly stimulated, many women achieve epic orgasms, even experiencing female ejaculation and is so enjoyable that adult toy makers are now creating products to specifically target her G-spot!  But did you know that there is another spot that couples should seek during lovemaking to produce an even stronger, more intense orgasm than the G-spot?

It’s called the A-spot or AFE or Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone.

This toe-curling spot in the woman’s vagina is located at the deepest point of the front vaginal wall right before her cervix. Amazingly enough, this spot was not discovered until the late 1990’s by a Malaysian physician during a study on vaginal dryness. It was found that this spot, when stimulated, creates rapid vaginal lubrication, arousal, and often an instantaneous orgasm in the woman. Many women who are aware of their A-spots actually prefer an A-spot orgasm to a G-spot orgasm. How nice is it to have such choices, right ladies?

What’s really great about the A-Spot is that the woman does not need to be pre-aroused for it to be found and stimulated, unlike the G-spot, which does require the woman to be aroused. The A-spot is also larger than the G-spot making it even easier to find. An added bonus to the AFE is that it also has more ridges than the G-spot, causing it to feel extra pleasurable to the head of his penis while he is stimulating this happy area.

A couple can begin exploring the A-spot with a simple exercise.  When trying to locate and stimulate the A-spot, it is wise for a woman to use the restroom as stimulating these “hot spots” will make you feel as though you need to urinate even if you do not. It is best to be relaxed and lay on your back with a pillow under your bottom. With two clean, lubricated fingers (and please have trimmed fingernails), have your partner reach deep into your vagina with their palm facing up. Again, this area will feel extra “ridgey” and produce quite the response from the woman. To make locating easier, you can first locate the cervix deep in the vagina and then move your fingers forward to the vaginal wall and that will be where the A-spot can be found.  If you want to experiment alone, you can try using your own fingers, but due to its location, you may need to get a specific adult toy to reach this area.

Stimulate this area by tapping it; making a windshield wiper back-and-forth movement; massaging it; and moving in a “come hither” motion.  Every woman’s vagina and sexual responses are different so you will want to experiment and see which type of movements gives the woman the most pleasure.  Either way, it’ll be fun and highly beneficial for you both to explore the woman’s erogenous zones and sexual responses.

Happy Hunting!

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