Single Men Wash Their Bed Sheets 4 Times Per Year, Study Says

Next time you think about sleeping over at your boyfriend’s house, you might want to ask when he washed his sheets last. A new study says single men only wash their sheets four times per year in comparison to single women who change their linens every two weeks.

According to the survey, people between 35 and 50 are more likely to change their sheets weekly, while men between 18 and 25 only wash four times a year. More than 20 percent said they “didn’t see the need” to change the sheets more and 19 percent said they “didn’t care” about changing them more.

So what exactly does this say about your love life? Does this mean we should adopt a new level of concern about personal hygiene when trying to find a mate? Dr Maree Barnes, from the Sleep Health Foundation, told MSN that everyone has a different method for getting a good night’s sleep.

“For some people it’s important to change their sheets often and have high thread count sheets. It would impact on my sleep because I don’t like smelly uncomfortable sheets, but I don’t know that young men really care or notice it.”

Comfortable sleep or not, it should still be of some concern that your man might not be washing his bedding often enough for regular love-making.

So, we have to ask:

Should “how often do you change your sheets” be the first question asked on a first date? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and comments below.

[Source MSN]


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