Is Sex Safe After a Heart Attack?

From CNN:

Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and New York Times best-selling author, writes about sex and relationships for CNN Health. Read more from him on his website, Good In BedRead this article in Spanish

Having a heart attack is often a wake-up call for people to change their lives, whether that means quitting smoking, eating healthier or simply focusing on doing the things they enjoy.

But surviving a heart attack can trigger anxiety, too: What if it happens again? And while many men and women may worry that their heart will give out during a vigorous exercise session, an even bigger concern seems to be sex.

To address this fear, the American Heart Association recently released its first-ever guidelines for helping health care providers advise patients about resuming a healthy sex life following a heart attack, stroke, heart transplant or other cardiovascular procedure. It may sound pretty standard, but the truth is that, until now, patients have received little to no counseling about this important issue.

In fact, a study last year of 1,900 heart attack patients suggests that just one-third of women and less than half of men received instructions about resuming sexual activity after they left the hospital — and were 44% more likely to report that they still hadn’t had sex a year later.



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