VeryUQ: Is it possible to truly forgive someone who has cheated on you?

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Is it possible to truly forgive someone who has cheated on you?

When someone has betrayed your trust by stepping out of the relationship with someone else, is it possible to truly forgive or does a part of the experience stick with you? How do you move forward after such a betrayal and does staying mean you’re weak?

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  • Actually…probably not….there will always be that nagging feeling of will they do it again, so you will never trust %100 again….I think with God’s help it’s possible, but rare….

  • Do you think it’s better to just move on if you’re having trust issues or does the cheater deserve a second chance (based on the circumstances)?

  • That’s a tough one. I think it would depend on the particular relationship, and what were the factors that lead to cheating. Sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes u have to walk away.

  • Just move on from the relationship. However only after you have expressed yourself fully to the person. You don’t want to carry unnecessary baggage. Your main focus should be on learning from the experience and healing.

  • If ur married to him/her, I say do it, but if ur dating, u probably need to hit the road…. can’t be trusted. Marriage is different.

  • Having been on the receiving end of this one, I can say…I will never again have 100% trust, probably not even 80%. The thought is always there, the memory is always there. I was unfortunate enough to have 2 children with him so he is still in my life…even today I look at him with contempt and disgust.

    • You are a strong woman, Amy. Did you opt to stay with him or did you move on? The decision to move on would be difficult with children I am sure.

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