Don’t Try This at Home: Newlywed Couple Caught Having Sex in Public Park

Going from #VeryUnmarried to VeryMarried can be a very exciting time, but consummating your marriage in a public park IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is going overboard!

Getting caught clearly didn’t cross Saint and Miaya Ramirez’s mind. The happy couple were caught, “doing the do”  by three teenagers (child endangerment anyone?) shortly after saying “I DO” at a public park in Nebraska.

Once spotted, the teens reported the incident to the police, and instead of escaping possible persecution, they decided to continue! They were eventually arrested for public indecency and disturbing the peace.

What makes this story even worse, court documents show that Miaya’s daughter was a approximately 20 yards away. Oh the insanity!

After pleading guilty earlier this week to public indecency, the pair were each sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Hope it was worth it! Congratulations.


Would you be so bold as to have sex in a public place? Have you tried it before? We want to hear from you. Share your story below.

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