Dating Website Faces Lawsuit After Allegedly Revealing the HIV and STD Statuses of Its Members

Who knew there were dating sites for HIV and STD positive singles. Well, it appears that one of the websites is in hot water for violating user privacy.

Successful Match and its affiliate site,, are under fire for allegedly sharing the HIV and STD statuses of its customers on its website without prior consent or knowledge. A class action suit has been filed against the service by Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, alleging that the website broke its promise of a “Fully Anonymous Profile.”

The website promised to be a “100% Confidential and Comfortable Community,” but it seems the website failed to disclose that it linked to several other website that share the same database, meaning: the customer’s information would not be private and exclusive to

The women are requesting compensatory and punitive damages.

Is it wrong for a dating website to share your HIV/STD status? Or do you have some right to privacy? We want to hear from you. Post your comments below.


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  • How would a dating web sight have this information anyhow? Unless u revealed it. If its true & u are using a dating sight, u should embrace your status knowing that u aren’t the only person with this problem. A person has a right to know before entering this situation due to the lifestyle changes, health risks or other potential concerns. Those things should definitely be disclosed. Just as u would want to know if a person had 10 children from a different relationship. It’s important. U can’t share only the positive good things about yourself. Share it all. Your odds for success will be much greater with the truth. It all comes out eventually.

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