Ask Mrs. Jones! What can I do in the bedroom to get my boyfriend interested?

Weekly relationship column by New York sexologist, Mrs. Jones.


Mrs. Jones, my boyfriend and I have been going through a bit of a dry spell. He doesn’t seem to be interested in any of my advances and I’m getting a little worried. What can I do in the bedroom to get him interested?

Carla sometimes sex can be routine. Do you remember when he gave you butterflies? Or the first time you and he had your first intimate experience? Well, why can’t long-term relationships have first time sex more often? The good news is Mrs. Jones has tips for you!

First things first: Don’t be afraid to spice up the bedroom with lingerie or other bedroom enhancers. Go out and buy his favorite color nighty and surprise him at the door when he comes home.

Second: Don’t be shy to tease him. Send him a text of yourself while he is at work and leave messages like “look what’s waiting for you when you get home.”

And my absolute favorite: Send him some flowers at work with a message saying, “meet me at the Hilton.” Have him ask for his key at the front desk, and when he shows up to the room, have rose petals leading to the Jacuzzi; bubbles in full action with champagne and strawberries waiting to be finessed.

Cater to him and do exactly what you know curls his toes. I bet he’d be begging for more.


Mrs. Jones

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