Ask Mrs. Jones! My girlfriend is into sex toys…

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My girlfriend is in to toys and it makes me uncomfortable. How can I please her? It’s not like I have a battery.

Bringing toys into the bedroom can be exciting for some and intimidating for others. I am an expert when it comes to what I call “power tools,” and as a romance consultant, these statements are always made: “My boyfriend will not allow that” or “He said if I bring one home it better be small.”

Many fears can arise from the unexpected or something new. What I recommend for you is–since this is something that she is curious about–shop for a toy together where you can help choose and create that comfort zone on what is being introduced. Please keep in mind that just because she wants to bring in “power tools” this doesn’t make you “powerless.” It doesn’t mean that you don’t please her.

Look at it as a way for you to create a new level of pleasure with each other. Keep in mind, whatever you two decide on you will be the one controlling that pleasure for her; taking pleasure back into your hands literally. Keep an open mind and you will do just fine.

Happy Shopping!


Mrs. Jones

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