Rules for Outdoor Sex

It’s always great to keep your relationship fresh, so if you’re feeling a little frisky this summer, explore new ways to bound with your partner.

From Em&Lo:

Now that the weather’s turning warmer, many people are overcome by two urges: to get outside and to get it on — two great tastes that taste great together! And so the season of outdoor sex has begun — is there anything more all-American worth celebrating this July 4th? But it’s not all fun and games like naked Slip n’ Slide — there are some practicalities to consider before you answer the call of the wild:

Number 1

Outdoor sex, a subset of public sex, by definition includes the perpetual potential danger of being discovered — that’s part of its thrill. But most people don’t want to see you doing it. Therefore, you must calculate the risks and unless the chances of being discovered are next to nil, don’t do it.

Number 2

Avoid nudity in public places (unless you’re at a nude beach, at college or in Europe). Ladies, wear a skirt or dress and forgo the underwear. Your partner will have easier access to some of your fun bits, while being able to maintain a modicum of discretion. Plus, you can make a faster getaway if you’re not caught with jeans around your ankles!


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