Staying Sexually Fit

In today’s dating climate, your ability to maintain your sexual fitness might be the difference between keeping your mate and losing them. So what does a person do to stay fit? Try a sexual fitness class.

From Cosmopolitan:

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m at the gym grinding my crotch and anus into a medicine ball. I can explain. Today, I am taking a private exercise class called Women’s Sexual Fitness taught by 57-year-old chiropractor and personal trainer Edythe Heus. For the next 50 minutes, I am going to do things to a bouncy ball that would have me arrested in most states (definitely Texas). The point of the class is to use your lower abdominals to awaken sexual energy andstrengthen orgasms. It’s Pilates Gone Wild.

It all started back in 1997, when Edyth was living in Dana Point, Calif. working as a private chiropractor for Major League Baseball players. After a few months of training something strange happened. “One of the players came into my office and asked, ‘Am I supposed to feel really horny after doing these ab exercises?”

Edythe was secretly relieved that she wasn’t the only person who had a mean case of the tingles after training. “Then another client asked me the same thing, and another, and finally after ten people came to me with the same question, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was like, ‘The universe is telling me something!’ So I decided to start my own program.”


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