Celebrity Dating: Rules for Maintaining Your Relationship. Kanye & Kim K. Take Note!

Celebrity matchmaker, Jasmine Diaz offers up her relationship advice exclusively on VeryUnmarried.

Most of the world already received word that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a baby. How nice. I am certain that many blogs and commentators are taking shots at the new parents to baby, North West, but as a matchmaker, I will always be pro-love.

Now don’t get me wrong, a piece of me couldn’t help but feel like perhaps their relationship was a publicity stunt, but I am really rooting for love to prevail. Call me sentimental.

Having a public relationship is not so easy, and I hope that Ms. Kardashian and Mr. West have learned a thing or two about how to make a relationship work. Just in case they haven’t, I have outlined a few rules to help them and other celebrity couples maintain.


This is blunt, I am aware. But I can’t help but stress the importance of maintaining your privacy. The moment you expose your private self it becomes your public self, and no relationship can sustain the level of scrutiny that comes from being in the media.

What I find most admirable about Jay Z and Beyonce is that they have managed to keep their relationship out of the press. You don’t hear about them fighting in the streets, or gossip about Jay cheating on B. They have held it together because they keep the media out of their business, and they do so successfully by keeping their mouths shut!

Jay and B. learned the secret to maintaining a relationship as a celebrity couple early on. There is no going back once the privacy curtain is open, so start with rule #1 before proceeding with anything remotely worthwhile.


No one wants to be a hermit and I am not suggesting you become one, but public figures usually come with an unwanted entourage: the paparazzi!

The dilemma with having a following is that anything you say or do as a couple gets immediate attention. You are not one of the unknowns who can have a meal at Mr. Chow’s without notice. If you think you are, tune in to TMZ for an update.

A discussion can be transformed into an argument; dinner with a friend becomes a scandalous affair. After long you won’t be able to determine the truths from the lies, and your relationship will suffer. Staying as far out of the public eye as possible only helps you develop on your terms.

If you must be in the forefront, avoid venues where the paps frequent. Everyone knows The Ivy in Los Angeles is a paparazzi zone. You’re a celeb, use your spidey sense to avoid such places.


Schedule (Yes! Bold, italic and underlined is necessary) time to spend AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE together. Regularly. This sounds like an impossible fete, but trust me, it is possible to get regular (maybe not everyday people regular, but regular) time with each other. Your regular may be every two weeks, or in between shoots. Whatever time you can find, spend it with your honey.

Being on the same page with regards to personal time is also important. Don’t expect a relationship to sustain the test of time if you cannot agree on what “regular” means (i.e. see rule #5 COMMUNICATE).

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