5 Mistakes to Avoid in a New Relationship

It’s always a little nerve wracking to start a new dating relationship, especially if you haven’t dated anyone for a while or you have a history of bad break ups. If you are nervous about making things work with your new partner, there are a few precautions you should take to help you stay on the right track. Avoid these five common mistakes in your new relationship to give it the best possible chance for long-term success.

Mistake #1 – Getting Physical Too Fast

One of the most common mistakes that singles make is moving too fast. If you’ve only been out once or twice, don’t be so quick to assume that your partner wants to get physical. Even if there is a special chemistry between you, let it build for a while before you take the plunge and get too intimate. There is nothing wrong with holding off for a little while and getting to know each other without mixing in the complications of a physical relationship.

Mistake #2 – Using the “M” Word Too Soon

Even if you really want to get married in the next few years, don’t be so obsessed that you scare off your date! It’s fine to mention that marriage is something you hope to do eventually, but don’t keep talking about it endlessly. That could make your partner feel like you are pressuring the relationship to move too fast.

Mistake #3 – Talking About Your Ex

If you are fresh out of a relationship and you are still recovering from a broken heart, be careful not to talk about it on a date with someone new. If they ask about your previous relationships, it’s okay to be honest. Just make sure you don’t spend the entire dinner rehashing your break up or you probably won’t have a second date. 

Mistake #4 – Planning Dates that Only You Enjoy

When you are getting to know a new dating partner, it can be hard to plan dates that will be interesting to you both. Some people just plan activities that they enjoy, assuming their dates will also find the same activity enjoyable. Make sure you find out what your partner enjoys so you can plan a date based on something that will be fun for you both.

Mistake #5 – Calling Too Often

Don’t make the mistake of turning into a stalker. Even if you are pretty sure it was love at first site, resist the temptation to call or text constantly. This comes across as desperate and will be a huge turn off no matter who your potential love interest might be.

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