Celebrity matchmaker, author, dating strategist and founder of Diaz Dating Group with over 15 years experience helping celebrities, athletes and business professionals from across the United States.

Lauded as a pioneer in matchmaking and determined to help singles live their best dating life, Jasmine has quickly become the go-to dating expert for singles nationwide. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Men’s Fitness, NY Post, Refinery 29, ESSENCE and Ebony Magazines among others.

Her dating and relationship advice has garnered over 40 million media impressions, and her new daily dating planner, Bae Planner, is a must-have for single professionals desiring work/life balance.

Jasmine is a highly experienced television personality with appearances on OWN, Fox, HBO, VH1, TVOne, BuzzFeed and Comcast/NBCUniversal. She’s also contributed her expertise as consultant for Microsoft, FYI, ABC and BET networks.

Jasmine resides in Los Angeles with her husband of sixteen years and three-year-old son.



If you’ve dabbled in the self-help space before, you know just how complicated actually getting help can be. Solutions can be hard to come by. There are books, articles and TV shows on how to find love, but there are no actual step-by-step guides for how to find a quality partner.

It’s not enough to just provide information, because information doesn’t lead to action. If you want to meet someone who will spark interest, you must act on your desires.

Experts who are not providing you with actionable steps to help you achieve your dating goals are informationalists. The information they supply is great, but they’re not providing you with real solutions to your very real dating problems.


We believe in SOLUTIONS, not band-aids. If you are struggling with meeting quality people, it’s likely a symptom to your core dating problem.

The truth is, quality people are everywhere, and they are eager to meet someone like you. You are smart, talented, educated and absolutely worth knowing, but for some reason they are missing you and we must figure out why.

It does not matter how many attractive and equally accomplished singles we send your way. If your ability to choose suitable partners is off, or if your expectations are unrealistic, you’ll still find yourself alone or in a terrible relationship.

Finding you a SOLUTION to your dating problem is the core of what we do. We can help boost your dating prospects by using proprietary methods that have been tried and tested over years of working with singles just like you.

You will have a team of experts to help you set realistic dating goals, overcome mindset obstacles, boost your nightlife prospects, create a new dating profile, and help hold you accountable. Plus, the support of a community that will cheer you on every step of the way.


“…Jasmine really gets down to the core of what qualities you are looking for in a mate. I look forward to our one hour (once a week) sessions…”

  • She struggled with trust from a previous relationship which translated into neediness and a desire to feel “assured.”
  • We uncovered a bad dating patterns and limiting beliefs that were affecting her ability to form long-term relationships.
  • Aisha transformed her confidence and was introduced to a quality gentleman through 1:1 matchmaking. She no longer allows bad dating patterns to limit her prospects.


You’re not really focused on achieving your desired outcome. You want a quality partner, but have no interest in working towards a relationship.

Our clients are goal-oriented. They want to reach their desired outcome immediately. We believe that anything worthwhile takes work, which is why we’re committed to helping you reach that next phase in your dating life.

You have deep social anxiety or emotional scars you’re still healing from.

Being in the right mental and emotional space is imperative. If you have unresolved areas in your life that require extra focus, we encourage you to seek therapy prior to moving forward. We want you to be in the best possible shape for this.

You’re NOT coachable or open to change. You’re not interested in trying something new. You’re a creature of habit.

We’re not interested in repeating the same bad habits or trying the same methods that are not producing results. Our methods have been tried and tested over years of working with successful singles, and we are transforming their love lives by providing solutions. Continuing with processes that do not solve problems is not in our interest.

You’re desperate. You want someone, anyone… Even if that means making a mistake.

The big picture is important. You want to be in a healthy, long-term relationship with someone great. Finding a partner to fill an empty space will only lead to heartbreak, which is why we desire clients who are willing to walk away from people, methods or habits that will limit their desired outcome.

Our process is one that only works for those who are truly here for a SOLUTION. If you’re looking for another band-aid or what someone call, a quick answer to your core problem, we are definitely not the service for you. We pride ourselves on not wasting time, so we’d rather not waste yours if that’s your expectation.