Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian: Love + Learn

Serena Williams is having a baby!! It’s been confirmed, and I cannot be more excited for her. Serena is like so many of my clients who are making their own rules and dominating their space, but sometimes, making your own rules can put you at a romantic disadvantage. This too is where Serena is #winning!

What’s important for Serena to keep in mind during this thrilling time in her life is that being a parent is hard, and being excellent is near impossible. Someone with her drive and competitive nature might struggle with not winning as a parent (or as a partner), but the imperfect parts are some of the best parts we have to offer.

I have absolutely no doubt that Serena will be a phenomenal wife and mother. My hope is that both she and Alexis accept all the crazy imperfections that come with marriage and parenting, and fully embrace the wins as well as the “losses.”

Congratulations Serena & Alexis!

Jasmine Diaz

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