17 Signs He’s Shady

Have suspicions that the guy you’re with is not completely forthcoming? Is he always making excuses for why you can’t see his apartment? Perhaps you want to meet his friends, but after months of asking, it never seems to come together. Well, wonder no more! Cosmo has outlined 17 signs that your new beau is shady.

From Cosmopolitan:

1. He steps outside to make phone calls like he’s the President of Being A Scumbag. “Sorry, I really have to take this … outside. Away from where you can hear me. It’s important scumbag business.”

2. He finds totally pointless reasons not to like your friends. Usually via some excuse like, “I don’t know, she’s just weird.” He doesn’t have to like all your friends but come on, man, Liz is the coolest and her being “just weird, I don’t know” is not a reason.

3. He doesn’t want to be your Facebook friend. Or he has a private Instagram account and doesn’t confirm your request to follow. Social media interaction is a level of intimacy you could have with a stranger you met at a freaking party so this should not be an issue, Drew, seriously.

4. He doesn’t have an actual bed. I once dated a guy who had an air mattress that would deflate in the middle of the night as we slept. He was in his mid 20s and had a solid job. It’s like, are you a drifter? Come on.

5. He wants to meet up “on the early side.” Look, if you’re cool with the fact that that absolutely means he has a date after you, cool. If you’re not, please know you are dealing with the master of sketchiness.

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