Spritzr Dating App Lets Friends Play Matchmaker

There’s a new app in town hoping to claim a spot in the already overcrowded dating app market. Meet newbie Spritzr: the app that let’s your friends play matchmaker. It bills itself as a matchmaker app, but let’s get real: matchmaking is a segment of dating, so yes…it’s a dating app.

Sounds a bit like Coffee Meets Bagel, right? And why create yet another dating app when singles are already confused about existing offerings? Well, according to the Spritzr website, developer Manshu Agarwal was “searching for love” and found that most of his success with dating came from friends.

So how does Spritzr set itself apart from the pack? It doesn’t really. Users have two options: become a matchmaker or a dater. By becoming a matchmaker, you can match friends via Facebook connect. Matchmakers can make date suggestions which the dater can either swipe to accept or reject. By becoming a dater, you simply complete a two-minute profile and then wait until your matchmaker friend makes a suggestion.

On the surface, Spritzr sounds interesting. But in order for this app to be useful, each single Facebook friend would need an account for matching. Good luck with that!

Spritzr is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

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