The Truth About Investment

How many of you have invested time into a relationship only for it to come to a dramatic end? *Hands up* Do you feel frustration? Disappointment? Down right anger? Some of you probably do. The fruits of your labor in love seem to have disappeared like smoke, but a change in perspective is all you need to understand exactly what an investment means in your love-life.

You invested your heart, your time and perhaps your money, but now all that remains are memories; some of which you’d probably like to forget. You might say, “Jasmine I invested so much into this relationship and got absolutely nothing in return.” But the truth is you did receive a return. It’s just not the return you were expecting.

A return might come in the form of marriage, an extramarital affair, an engagement, a child or something completely different altogether. And while you may feel like the investment made in your relationship was a sizable down payment towards your dream, the truth is you have no control over the outcome of any relationship.

You don’t stop putting money in the bank because it doesn’t bare any interest. You simply change accounts (or banks altogether) for something more high yielding, but you keep moving forward towards your goal. The same should be true for relationships.

Don’t look at your experience as wasted time. Your time was not wasted. You learned a valuable lesson that you would not have under any other circumstance. Instead, accept what has occurred and learn how to move forward.

Each experience at love is going to be unique. You don’t need skepticism as a friend telling you that s/he will disappoint you like the last one. You may need to be more clear with your future partner about your expectations, and manage your relationship so that you get the results you want.

What does this mean exactly? It means if you want to get married and have children, be clear about this when dating and don’t deviate from it. If you sense your partner is making a left when you want to go right, communicate your desires or make the tough decision to end the relationship. Don’t just sit back and take what is given if you don’t care for it.

In the end, you have the power. But, in love there will always be risks. You just have to decide whether it’s worth it.

How did your last relationship end? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts below.

Jasmine Diaz

Dating Strategist & Blogger, VeryUnmarried

Jasmine Diaz is a celebrity matchmaker and dating strategist with over 15 years experience helping singles nationwide. She has been featured in Huffington Post, NY Post, Marie Claire, Men's Fitness, Brides, Refinery 29, Yahoo!, MTV, OWN, Bravo, VH1, ESSENCE, Ebony and Latina Magazines.

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