Dating with Bow Ties: Which one is best?

Fashion and style sensibilities tend to ebb and flow like the tide. In recent years the tide has flowed is washing in a new era of style and trendiness with bow ties. With their resurgence in the past few years, there is no question as to whether or not you should wear a bow tie. The real question is “Should you wear a pre tied or free tie bow tie, especially on a date?”  Let’s examine the pros and cons of each.

What’s up with a Pre-Tie Bow Tie?

Most of us are familiar with the pre-tied bow ties in the form of those cheap bow ties, however times have changed as companies are now making these type of bow ties at a quality level that is in many ways on par with many free tie bow ties that are on the market. Pre-ties offer a gateway to wearing bow ties to many who have not learned the art of tying one on. Many pre-ties are very stylish and can complement many outfits traversing a myriad of occasions. Some benefits of wearing of a pre-tie is that you are able to sport a perfectly “tied” bow tie every time you put it on. Also many pre-ties focus on the casual markets and occasions by focusing on bow ties that feature a wide range of nontraditional prints including characters and individuals from the world of anime, comics, history, and beyond. With the increasing quality and versatility of pre-ties, it is becoming even harder for the most ardent bow tie snob to deny their place in the bow tie realm.

What’s up with a Free-Tie Bow?

Tying a bow tie by hand can be a source of spectacle for some. Sure it is no feat of rocket science, yet there is a pseudo sense of pride know that it was tied by your own hands. While not an overly complicated knot, the bow tie can present challenges to even the most experienced gentleman upon their first attempts. Once mastered it can become a valuable weapon in one’s wardrobe. Adding an air of distinction that some could argue that the pre-tie bow tie does not. A hand tied bow tie tends to stand apart from the rest.

Pre-Tie of Free-Tie?

Bow Ties both pre-tied and free-tie can offer excellent choices in the diversification and complimenting of a wardrobe.  When it comes to impressing her while out for a night on the town, the right bow tie (regardless of being a pre-tie or a free–tie) will go a long was to impressing her with your style. However to be on the safe side you can never go wrong when you tie a bow tie by hand. Trust me, she will be impressed.

Be Stylish! Be Confident! Above All Be You! 

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