Exclusive! Antonio Sabato, Jr.: How to Score a Great Woman

Good looks and charm can’t get you everywhere, but it’s a good start. Model and actor, Antonio Sabato Jr., has had no trouble attracting some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood; finding that elusive balance of a successful career and love life.  

As Spokesperson for AnastasiaDate.com, Antonio has made it his mission to help single men find the woman of their dreams. So when it came time to find out just how single men could boost their dating prospects, we thought Antonio would be just the man to ask.

Fellas, this is your chance to learn from a dating master. 

What is the first mistake a man can make when trying to attract a woman?

Antonio: Not being clear about what they want and being honest with themselves about the kind of person they really like and want to be with. I also believe their intentions should not be the wrong ones. You have to be clear about what you’re trying to achieve, and again, honesty is the key.

It’s about really knowing yourself and really knowing what kind of things you like in a woman. Take the time to really find out who and what that person is. Find out what the person is all about. Ask questions, pay attention, and listen to what she has to say. Be into the conversation rather than saying, “I want something from this person. I really appreciate what she is giving me.” Those are the main things for me.

Is confidence as valuable an asset to landing a date or are there other qualities that are more important?

Antonio: I think a man should know themselves first. They shouldn’t hide behind somebody they are not. Have a good time with the conversation, and don’t be afraid to approach the lady you are trying to meet. Have a smile and really be happy. Don’t drag the conversation down, bring it to another level. Really make your lady feel like she is important; that she is needed. Show her that something special is happening rather than just another conversation. Being a gentleman is important.

You mentioned being a gentleman. Do you think chivalry an undervalued virtue?

Antonio: Yes, I think so. It’s slowly but surely going away, and we need to bring it back. It’s the little things. For example, if your sitting at the table ordering dinner, ask your lady what she would like for dinner, pour the glass of wine; just being the caretaker! I think that will lead you to a good place. And don’t stop that. Don’t just prove yourself and then let it go away. It has to stay there. Be proud that you’re a gentleman. It’s a good thing. There’s not enough of it.

Is it worth the investment for man to work on his outward appearance before attempting to date?

Antonio: I think so. Take care of yourself. Women do it. They take care of themselves before they go on a date, and I think we should do the same thing. It also shows respect to the person you’re meeting. I think it’s important to take care of yourself before you take care of others. It’s definitely on the list for me.

Many women believe that men have become lazy when it comes to dating? I don’t know if that statement is necessarily true. So, what can a man do to show his interest in a woman?

Antonio: Make plans and set a date. Don’t say, “I am going to pick you up” or “I am going to meet you here” and that’s it. No. Make it special! If you’re going to go to see a movie, take her to see a film that she wants to see or that she’s been wanting see. Maybe there is a particular food or restaurant, or something you want to share that you recently experienced. Have something to talk about, “I brought you to a new place. I’m glad you’re here, I really hope you like it.” Just make it special. A rose, a gift of any sort is always nice.

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