VeryUQ: Do you get upset when you see black men with white women?

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Do you get upset when you see black men with white women?

Over the years it has become more socially acceptable for men and women of differing races to date and marry each other. Interracial relationships are quite common, but many people still take issue with black men dating or marrying white women. Why do you think this is? Should Black men only date Black women? Or is there something particular about white women that rub some the wrong way? Have you been in an interracial relationship? If so, what was your experience.

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  • i just happen to have this aura about white ladies. i get attracted to them and i’m really sorry if thats not a good thing but i’m black and i’m 27 yrs but i’ve only dated blacks twice in my lifetime. i have always been with a white girl.

    bancs from italy.

    P.S. italian gals are the hottest and sexiest.

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