Men’s Fashion Tip: Steps to Discover One’s Own Style

Ask your self a question “Who do I want to look like?”

That may sound like a silly question, but how many of us spend their time trying the recreate a look that they saw in or on their favorite magazine, blog, or television program? In many respects finding one’s own style voice can be quite difficult. Menswear can simply seem like a homogenized pallet of new age interpretations coupled with a nostalgic yearn for the style of yesteryear. In this soup of perception, how does one actually find their own style?


To address any problem, you must have the knowledge to solve it. When addressing the problem of style, there is knowledge that needs to be obtained in order to start the process. The first thing that needs to be done is to get measured. Knowing one’s proper measurements is the most crucial step in creating one’s style. Without this knowledge you will be doomed to wear clothes that don’t fit quite too well.

Your research should also include research on classic men’s style and the basic foundations of a wardrobe. You cannot build anything without a proper foundation, a quality wardrobe is no exception. This research also has the dual purpose of providing inspiration for your own future interpretation of the classics.


Just because it looks good in a magazine or on a mannequin does not mean it will look good on you. Try on different items, mix and match colors to see what looks best together, and on you.

Also this is wear knowing your sizes really comes into play, especially if you a buying off the rack. Just because your measurements say that you wear a 32 in a pant or a 43R in a blazer, it doesn’t mean that the items are going to fit perfectly just because they are labeled with your appropriate size. You have to remember two distinct things: 1. No matter how efficient a mass clothing production operation is, each piece produced will have slight variations, and 2. You wear a 43R or a 32 pant differently that the next man, meaning you cannot expect clothing made to fit the masses to perfectly fit the individual.


Now it is time to build your wardrobe based on all that you have learned about your likes, dislikes, and classic style up until this point. Remember you want use your new knowledge to create something that is versatile and more importantly, something that you are comfortable in and brings out the best in you.

Remember the clothes don’t make the man, it is the man who makes the clothes.

Be Stylish! Be Confident! Above All Be You!

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