Exclusive! Ray Edwards: How to Attract Mr. Right

Atlanta Falcons defensive end turned professional boxer, Ray Edwards, gives insight on what women can do to attract Mr. Right

Ray Edwards is a man of many talents.  After years of playing to thousands of football fans, he has traded his helmet and pads for boxing gloves. But, don’t let the gloves fool you. He is a consummate gentleman with a skill for helping women understand how they should be treated.

His new luxury T-Shirt line, True Ink, is just one example of how Ray aims to inspire people, and as a man who doesn’t seem to have any problem with landing a great woman, we thought it would be fitting to ask Ray exactly what he thinks women can do right now to find a great guy.

Put your cell phone on silent, because you don’t want to be interrupted.

Interview by Matchmaker and Relationship Expert, Jasmine Diaz, for VeryUnmarried

VeryUnmarried: Are there any particular attributes a woman should have or hone in on before she ventures out into the dating world?

Ray Edwards: Confidence. Guys don’t like dealing with the insecurities. The things [that] happened in the past, let them stay in the past. Be humble and not judgmental or materialistic.

VeryUnmarried: What role does outward appearance play in a man’s decision to want to date a woman?

Ray Edwards: It’s the initial attraction. You want somebody that you feel like you can wake up next to every morning. You don’t want to be one way, then wake up to a totally different person. [If] you’re going to put on makeup, don’t make it so much that it makes you look like a totally different person.

VeryUnmarried: What you look like on the outside is just as important as who you are on the inside, but I think some women miss the fact that men are visual.

Ray Edwards: Oh yeah, men are definitely very visual. You want a woman that carries herself, like I said, with confidence. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how in shape you are or how pretty you look. If you can portray confidence that you believe in yourself and know that you look good, but don’t come off arrogant or conceded, it can make a world of difference.

VeryUnmarried: Women can be quite inquisitive by nature. Are there certain questions a woman can ask that can ruin any chance of a date?

Ray Edwards: No. It’s not the answering of the question that’s the problem, it’s the way that you ask the question. You keep asking the same question just in a different way; hoping that you get a different answer so that you will catch the guy in a lie. Women are very good at that. [laughs]

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  • He makes some valid points, especially about women pursuing or making the first move. Showing that confidence in yourself is almost as import to men as it is to woman. And showing him that he is desired is a definite turn on. But like Ray has said for another question, don’t make things too easy for them. Once you’ve made the approach, you’ve got to check out his response and how he comes back at you. If it’s with interest, you scored. If there is no interest or he acts like the wolf that just wants to get you in bed, well now you know.
    And as for wasting your time with the wrong type of guys, I think too many women are into taming the bad boy, while an accommodating gentleman is considered too tame and boring. It’s only after  the project has exceded her time budget that he actually becomes a real jerk in her eyes.

  • HenriBoylanYou make an extremely valid point. In our interview with Antonio Sabato, Jr (Sept 4th), we discuss the reputation of the gentleman in the eyes of women. I think many women don’t fully comprehend that they are confusing people about what they want. They say in one instance that they want a man who will treat them right, but in another, they have to have “Swagger” and street savvy mixed with some edge. These are two totally different types of men! The gentleman is a highly underrated and undervalued guy, and unfortunately he usually finishes last.

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