Can Twitter Help You Land a Man?

Celebrity matchmaker, Jasmine Diaz offers up her relationship advice exclusively on VeryUnmarried.

Quite honestly, I am not really a fan of Twitter. The very idea of using it made me question the amount of time people had on their hands. Then last night, I found myself glued to my computer screen. Tweet after tweet, follower after follower; I was in the groove. I came across a private message from a person who wanted to know if Twitter was the best place to meet a person. My response is still pending.

The message really brought up a few internal questions for me, “Can Twitter really help you land a man?”  While I think it’s great to be up-to-the-minute with your friends and favorite celebs, it lacks a certain sense of structure that one should expect from a dating website. Tweeting back and forth is definitely not the ideal way to move a relationship forward. Building a relationship takes time, commitment, and focus.

Now I will be the first person to tell you that internet dating can be great. But, certain websites can breed a certain type of person (POF anyone), and if you’re looking for something serious, you will have to consider the credibility of the site you are searching on.

I have had my hand in internet dating, many years ago, and the thrill of it all can be quite wonderful.  But, at some point you have to be willing to get to know the person beyond the 140 characters. What is he like in real life? Is he as sincere and genuine as he appears to be online, offline? These questions can only be answered once you pull back that internet curtain.

Who’s to say that someone can’t Twitter a perfect match? Didn’t Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives meet Chad “Ochocino” Johnson on Twitter? (Well, at least they started on what seemed to be a very good point.) Maybe there is hope for Twitter love bugs after all!

If you’re willing to invest time in getting to know someone on Twitter, try to be as thorough and clear about your expectations. If long-term love is what you seek, say it. If a casual hook-up is more your speed, be clear about it. As long as there are people on earth, there is a way to make a connection. Be smart and use your network resources to find yourself a great man.

Have you found love through social media? We want to know! Share your experience below.

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  • Being that I met my husband via social media, my perspective is slightly different.  This was long before twitter but I believe the approach is still the same.  Initial contact made on twitter and via private messages is a start.  Then, move to phone and even video chat. You need to establish being comfortable before meeting someone.  Then meet in a common location in which you are comfortable and always … always in public.  So can Twitter help you land a Man or Woman, YES!  It is just another avenue like everything else.  1st there was Phone; 2nd Email; 3rd Chat-boards; 4th Online Chat rooms; 5th Instant Messenger; 6th Video Chat; 7th Twitter; 8th Instagram and the list goes on.

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