Terrence Howard Accused of Beating Ex-Wife

Actor, Terrence Howard is being accused of brutally beating ex-wife, Michelle Ghent while on vacation in Costa Rica. TMZ reports that Terrence only retaliated against Michelle after she maced him, his daughter and another family member.

This isn’t the first time Terrence has been accused of domestic violence. In 2011, allegations emerged in court papers during his divorce from Ghent. Michelle reported several instances of domestic violence throughout their marriage, and on December 5, 2011 a judge granted her a restraining order based on her claims.

It is unclear why Michelle opted to vacation with Terrence this time around, but it seems she is heading back to court for a restraining order. We wish her well.

Do you think it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman under any circumstance? Have you been on the receiving end of abuse? We want to hear from you. Share your story below.

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  • A story for the papers. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I would hate to think that he’d stoop that low. It’s never acceptable to get violent in any relationship but if he were to walk into his bedroom & she was in bed with another man, I would definitely understand if he beat them both. I’m not saying that’s an acceptable time, I’m saying I’d understand.

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