VeryUQ: Should Women Wait for the Marriage Proposal?

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Should Women Wait For The Marriage Proposal?

Should women wait for the marriage proposal? A woman’s right to choose, or at least, the right to question where the relationship is going is an important one. If she is ready to say I DO, what should stop her from making such a statement of commitment? Is a woman considered desperate for popping the question?

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  1. Wait how long? Waiting is fine but after a certain time, it’s definitely fine to inquire or ask yourself.

  2. Well, I guess the question is: how long is too long? And should women do the proposing in the first place? Or does it scream desperation?

  3. If 2 people decide never to have children, then I think they can stay unmarried forever. 10 years is too long. Each person is different but a women can ask. Especially if its something SHE wants.

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